Updates and stuff

After moving to our current home we’ve had a problem after problem with different things. I’ve managed to keep JVP-Team up and running with barely no work at all. Recyclix sold few times keeping me up and I managed to get some freelancer work from Kajaani Game Studios for mobile games. Since I haven’t really had anything worth writing about within the last year my blog has kinda died. Sorry about that!

I’ve been streaming a lot lately. I’m using my stream as a way to broaden my knowledge on different games (and to have fun!) as well as a way to practice on my spoken english skills. Anyone interested, do join me at http://www.twitch.tv/lukitari

I also have something worth writing now as well! As I mentioned I’ve been doing small programming for Kajaani Game Studios the last month or so, I was also accepted into a bigger project starting at 20th of May. At that date we are going into Espoo to attend AppCampus for four weeks. During that time we’re going to be working on a game for Windows Phone 7. A dog tamagotchi game that aims to teach the players how to live with dogs from basic knowledge as how often to feed the puppy, building your own agility course for your dog and even small things like deciding clothes and furniture for your virtual dog, yourself and the house. So far I dont really have much more information that I can give out, but we even have a celebrity working on the project. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanja_Karpela She is the one giving us a lot of the important details for the project.

With this job JVP-Team will be able to go on and I will hopefully get more interesting work in the future too.

Oh, I also have a profile in LinkedIn now: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ville-vienonen/6a/37/6b2?trk=fbr


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