New project at hand

I have just recently started working on a bot for IRC. Twitch channels to be specific. Yes, they are nothing new but it was surprisingly hard to find any information on how to get one working.

Long story short. I have finally managed to get the bot to log in to twitch and stay in the channel. It is also able to read and respond to the chat and it has a built-in flood timer in order for it to not get banned.

The next part is all concept and plans. I have nothing other than the base for a chat bot so far. It is written in C# by the way.

This bot is for a text based adventuregame where I plan on mixing up some roguelike and minecraft together. World will be generated as people play, difficulty depends on how far you are from the first tile, and what the next tile has in it will be determined from the tile you are moving from. For example if you were in a plains area, there’s a 90% chance for the next tile to also be plains. But the 10% consists of mountains, forest, ocean, lakes etc. If you were on a mountain tile there would be around a 40% chance for the next tile you step into to be a mountain as well. If you were to make a mountain tile then return back to the plains tile and go around the mountain there would be very little chance of the mountain being larger than just one tile.

As for what is in these tiles. Depending on the tile the things that can be randomized in them will be different, but in overall there will be “slots” for each tile. Sky, land, monster slots. These slots will get a randomly generated thing as the sky can have a flying object, maybe the winds are stronger in the area. In the land there could be a cave, trees, a house, well. And there is a chance of meeting monsters to fight.

The game will be based around leveling up your character, maybe cutting down a tree to build something. Visiting caves, towns, ruins etc. The further you are from the spawn the harder everything is and the better loot enemies will drop or you can find from the possibly generated things in the area.

For the bot to not be floody I will be adding a timer for every action that will depend on the amount of people in the chatroom. With only few people, cutting down a tree would take few minutes, but with a lot of people it could even take half an hour.

In addition to waiting, there will also be stamina. You can’t just do things, you will be limited by a number of actions you are able to take. This will fill over time.

Those are the basic free to play game mechanics and depending on the amount of people this bot will most likely get in the way of talking.

I am working on this for pure curiosity on how well a text based multiplayer adventure game of this sort would do, how much is too much text, is it possible to limit that, am I able to create something of this scale. This game will be combining most of what I’ve done in the past. Random generating stable world, scaling difficulty, internet connection requirements and also MySQL databases.

For the next few weeks I will work for an alpha version and then test it out during one of my streams. And from there we shall see how it will be developed. Wish me luck!


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